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"Every female musician should be a member of this great organization and if you aren't - do yourself a favor and become an Elite member right away. If you use this resource, you will find no better networking tool for the female indie musician."
     3 Kisses - Brenham, TX

"GoGirls Elite is a very precious place to be a part of... to find a place where you really matter & get REAL support & encouragement is a powerful & uplifting place to be."
     Rew* - New York, NY

"GoGirls Elite is a must-have resource for women musicians. The info, the tips, the support, the sharing, the encouragement...serious sister-power at its best!"
     Patti DeRosa - Boston, MA

"GoGirls is an amazing network of creative, motivated, talented artists dedicated to building community and helping each other with new ideas, support, information and gig-sharing – all in the spirit of music, making new friends, having a good time and empowering each other."
     Honey Tongue - Seattle, WA

"GoGirls Elite is one of the best resources for any up-and-coming artist. Madalyn's ideas and motivation are constantly providing me with the impetus I need to keep going in an often challenging industry."
     Clatter - Bunceton, MO

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GoGirls Elite is a service for indie women musicians and their bands. Through our membership program you can take advantage of showcase opportunities, valuable industry information, network with fellow musicians, get your music reviewed and so much more!
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